Icon.X App - Log Files

If things go wrong, some information may be available in the log file of the App, or in the log files of Assetto Corsa.

Icon.X World App Log File

To view the log file, open Windows Explorer from your Start Menu.

The type the following into the address bar and then press Enter:

The log file should now appear in your default text editor.

To open the folder that has the log file, type this instead:

Assetto Corsa Log Files

The log file for the Custom Shaders Patch can sometimes contains helpful information.

To open this log file, use the steps above, but type the following into Windows Explorer:

%HOMEPATH%\Documents\Assetto Corsa\logs\custom_shaders_patch.log

Alternatively, you can open the log file by opening Windows Explorer and going to:
Documents, Assetto Corsa, logs, and then open the file custom_shaders_patch.log.