What is Icon.X World?

Icon.X World brings the thrill of competitive racing to the masses!
It is a racing game owned by the gamers themselves based on Assetto Corsa, where you can drive your car, climb the leaderboards and earn while having fun.

Is Icon.X free to play?

Yes, however you need a copy of Assetto Corsa installed. More details here.

Does Icon.X require any initial investment to play?

The Beta version is free for all the players. In fact, people who will participate in the Beta stage will be rewarded!

On which platforms is Icon.X available?

Icon.X is currently available on Windows PC.

How do I join?

Create an account here, then download the Icon.X app to start playing.

Do I need a steering wheel to play Icon.X?

Not at all! You can also drive using a gamepad or a keyboard.

How do I contact Icon.X World?

You can contact us on our Discord server, or for other contact methods, see here.

Where can I download the Icon.X App?

You need to login first to download the app.

Installation Process


See here for help on setting up your controls in the game.
See also this video for help on settings up a gamepad.

Game Settings

See here for help on setting up your game settings.

Log Files

Log files can help find the cause of a problem.
See here for help on finding your log files.


  • Race Cancelled
    If you are getting a 'Race Cancelled' message after trying to start an event, this can be many different things.
    • The 'Overtaker' events need a lot of memory, so try one of the 'Time Attack' events first.
    • Sometimes Steam might not have started correctly, so ensure Steam is running, and try launching the event again.
    • Watch the bottom left corner of the Assetto Corsa window, the error message can be displayed there during loading.
    • Other information on the problem can be shown in the Assetto Corsa log files.

  • No User App Entry
    If you are getting a 'No User App Entry' error message, this is usually because you are running the Icon.X app multiple times, or the Icon.X App is running on different machines that are logged into the same Steam account.

  • Steam API has failed to initialize
    If you are getting a 'Steam API has failed to initialize' error message, this is probably a firewall issue. Ensure to let Content Manager (normally located on your Desktop) through your firewall and try again. If needed, allow Steam full access also, and the IconX App itself.

  • Cannot join server: car is damaged
    For this error, try verifying the integrity of the game files using Steam.
    Open Steam, select Library, right-click Assetto Corsa and select Properties.
    Next select Installed Files and click 'Verify integrity of game files'.
More Help

Please talk to us or create a ticket on our Discord server.